Mar 26, 2014

Radiology Referral Marketing in the Age of Reform

Given today’s changing healthcare environment, imaging centers must be more aggressive than ever in maintaining their current referral base, while at the same time growing the current referral base.  In other words, effective customer relationship management (CRM) never has been more important.

Many may know that they have a powerful marketing tool at hand in the vast quantities of data available to them in their HIS, RIS, or billing systems.  But having the data is only half the equation. The trick is to take that data, manipulate it and employ metrics to interpret what’s really there.  Using data and analytics as business intelligence, imaging centers can target marketing priorities with laser precision and act intelligently on referral trends.

Mar 10, 2014

A View from the Cloud

Welcome to the IDS blog, designed as a forum for an ongoing conversation about trends, issues and solutions for all aspects of clinical workflow.

It should be interesting – and maybe even profitable.

After all, IDS is known for brainstorming with clients and prospects to forge new avenues and create unique technology applications that help providers address divergent workflows, operational procedure and regulatory compliance.